Providing liquidity to get LP Tokens

Please read this first to understand about Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap:

See the instructions to provide liquidity here:

Basically, you only need to replace CAKE token by DELOT token in the above instructions to provide liquidity for the DELOT-BNB pair. See more details below.

Add liquidity

  • Choose DELOT-BNB pair and then click on "Add Liquidity"

  • Input your amount and then click on "Supply". In the first time, you have to "Enable DELOT".

  • Click on "Confirm Supply"

  • You can now add LP token (named Cake-LP) on Metamask by importing token contract address: 0x18F45316F2f00CD0081Dd18e1e6b9F409D63C0AC

Remove liquidity

  • Choose the amount, and then click on "Remove" (You will need to click on "Enable" in the first time)

  • Click on "Confirm"

  • Now you can see DELOT and BNB in your wallet

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