How to participate

Get BNB and $DELOT token on the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) Testnet

  1. Add BSC Testnet To Metamask

    • Click on MetaMask -> Settings -> Networks -> Add Network

    • Update fields

      • Network name: BSC Testnet

      • New RPC URL:

      • Chain ID: 97

      • Currency symbol: BNB

      • Block Explorer URL:

    • Click “Save”

    • Well done! You can now select BSC Testnet from the Networks menu.

  2. Sending BNB from test faucet to BSC Testnet

    • Select and copy the address which you will send BNB to by navigating on Metamask

      Click on the copy icon as shown in order to copy that address (Note we have 0 BNB) at the moment in our account.

    • Navigate to the BSC test faucet at:

      Paste the copied address and after clicking the dropdown “give me BNB” – click on 1 BNB.

    • Check your account and see that the balance should have reflected!

  3. Claim DELOT token

    • Make sure your network is BSC Testnet as selected in Step 1

    • Open this page:

    • Connect your wallet

    • Click "Claim tokens"

    • Done! You get 1,000 DELOT tokens. Add to Metamask with the following info:

      • Contract: 0x6102090daaf7dE1E3782928CeC87a249aCD9c9bF

      • Decimal: 18

      • Symbol: DELOT

    Note: each wallet is only able to claim once.

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