Explain on the red text

The first top row of player list is your account (if you connect wallet).

If you see some red texts as image above, then it means that your Hold amount is less than Hold column - Hold Amount recognized as in the 1st deposit. There are two reasons for this:

  • You have transferred tokens from your wallet to other wallet(s) or just sold your tokens

  • You join a round multiple times (your Wallet Balance has decreased)

If you don’t do anything, then your Hold Tickets will be 0 at the end of the Round -> Tickets = Deposit tickets = 1,500

To keep the Hold tickets, you must buy more tokens and keep in your wallet and make sure that: (Wallet Balance) + (Auto Pool Balance) is greater than or equal to Hold column (980)

You can see Wallet Balance & Auto Pool Balance in the Auto Pool page, or by clicking on your wallet at the top right corner.

In the player list, if a player doesn’t hold enough token (Actual Balance = Wallet Balance + Auto Pool Balance < HOLD), then you can hover/tap on HOLD amount to see his Actual Balance. Now you know how many tokens he needs to buy more before his Hold Tickets would be 0 at the end of the round.

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