How to bridge your DELOT?

If you have purchased your DELOT tokens on BSC and want to bridge them over Polygon

  • Go to and connect your wallet. For bridging from BSC to Polygon, you need your wallet to be connected to the BSC Network ("BNB Chain mainnet" on Multichain")

  • Search tokens by name or by address, you will find DELOT by typing DELOT. Once you have selected DELOT you will see your balance.

  • Select the amount of token you want to bridge.

Don't forget to read all the 💡Reminders.

  • 0.1% of fees.

  • Minimum fee: 3,698.717285 DELOT

  • Maximum fee: 739,743.456969 DELOT

  • Minimum amount to bridge: 7,397.43457 DELOT

  • Maximum amount to bridge: 3,698,717,284.845615 DELOT

  • Estimated Time of Crosschain Arrival is 10-30 min

  • Before you bridge you need to approve DELOT, click on "Approve" and then confirm the transaction.

  • Once it is approved, click on Swap then confirm, then confirm the transaction.

  • You will then get a window to monitor the process

Once both the BNB Chain Status and Polygon Status are marked as Success. The crosschain transaction is completed. You have now your DELOT on the Polygon network. Congratulations!!!

You can easily make the process the over way around, bridging from Polygon to BSC network.

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