• Fully decentralized

    The entire process is managed by ONE smart contract and deployed to run on-chain.

  • Fully Automatic System

    As you may know, smart contact itself cannot trigger states. By using with Chainlink Automation and make the smart contract is compatible with the UpKeep, the lottery game can run endlessly.

  • Easy to join

    No need to choose lucky numbers as traditional lottery.

  • Incentive for token holders Players are required to hold tokens till the end of the round to get more tickets, so it will drive the demand of token. Not only will it increase DELOTE token prices, players will get more chance to win the grand prize, so this in a way is double incentive for Hodlers.

  • Auto Pool feature

    Allow to join next rounds automatically. No action is required from users to join. Unlike a traditional lottery where players must continuously buy tickets for every drawing. Moreover, player get more tickets by joining the round soon, so that have more chance to win the round.

  • Provably fair and verifiable source of randomness (Chainlink VRF) is used in winner selection algorithm.

    "On-chain Verification of Randomness

    Chainlink VRF enables smart contracts to access randomness without compromising on security or usability. With every new request for randomness, Chainlink VRF generates a random number and cryptographic proof of how that number was determined. The proof is published and verified on-chain before it can be used by any consuming applications. This process ensures that the results cannot be tampered with nor manipulated by anyone, including oracle operators, miners, users and even smart contract developers."

  • Chance to cooperate with other projects to expand our community

    Our lottery game is developed to launch on any ERC20 token. It is a big chance for us to deploy lottery product for our partners so we can have larger community.

  • Be responsible with the community

    A portion of tokens in our operation wallet is periodically converted to BNB and transfer to Binance Charity.

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