How to calculate number of player’s tickets in a round?

TICKETS = (Deposit Tickets) + (Hold Tickets) Deposit Tickets = (Deposit Amount) x (Deposit Multiplier) (*) Deposit Multiplier = 50

Hold Tickets = (Hold Duration) x (Hold Amount) x (Hold Multiplier) (*) Hold Multiplier = 10 Hold Amount = balance of player in the 1st deposit (include player’s balance in the Auto Pool) Hold Duration = (end block of the round - current block) / (end block of the round – start block of the round) (*) Deposit Multiplier & Hold Multiplier are adjustable parameters and can be change in the next rounds if necessary.

At the end of the round - round state is End, balance of players will be scanned again. If the balance is lower than Hold Amount, then Hold Tickets will be set to zero. This is the penalty for player who wants to sell the token. It gives people an incentive to hold tokens for keeping their tickets, so they get more chance to win till the end of the round. As you can see, you can get the maximum Hold Tickets by joining the round soon and hold as much token as possible.

Be noticed if you deposit multiple times in a round

Player can deposit to a round multiple times. However, be aware that this will reduce your Hold Amount because it is recognized in the 1st deposit. Eg. Your balance is 100 tokens. You deposited 10 tokens to the round (first time), your Deposit Tickets is 10 x 50 = 500, your Hold Amount is recognized is: 100 - 10 = 90 After that, you deposited 20 more tokens to increase Deposit Amount to 30, your Deposit Tickets is 30 x 50 = 1500. However, your balance is 70 tokens. It is lower than Hold Amount in the 1st deposit (90), so your Hold Tickets will be 0 at the end of the round. There is only way to keep Hold Tickets: buy 20 tokens and keep in your wallet (so your balance is 90 tokens) before the end of the round.

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